The Winter 2019 issue of Food & Dining Magazine has hit the streets, so pick up a copy and read my words.


The new issue of Food & Dining Magazine has dropped.

First, allow me to repeat that it has been a pleasure to assume the duties of Digital Editor at Food & Dining, to which I’ve long been contributing beer columns, then more recently branching out with profiles and features for this fun and informative quarterly publication. It’s entirely advertising-driven and totally free to you, the reader.

Thanks to publisher John Carlos White for the opportunity (since July) to pen weekday web site dispatches. It should suffice to say that I’m learning quite a lot by doing so.

Now for the Winter 2019 (Dec/Jan/Feb) edition of Food & Dining, which is out now. Hard copies should be in their usual locations, and my colleague Jon Larmee has links to the articles: HOT OFF THE PRESSES — The Winter 2019 Issue is on the Racks!

Following are my pieces in this issue; like the magazine as a whole, they can be read at issuu. Concurrently, hard copies should have arrived at their usual locations. There’s a stack at Pints&union.

The Wallonian Farmhouse Ale Trail, an examination of the wide and varied world of farmhouse and saison ales, focusing on the legendary Saison Dupont.

Pick Three: Mexican Regional Cuisines, two of which I wrote, first New Albany’s own Israel’s Delicias de Mexico Gourmet, and also Mi Casita in downtown Louisville. Michael L. Jones profiled Chilakiles in the third essay.