Best wishes to Susan Kerber, as “Bridge Liquors in New Albany has new owner.”


We considered this topic just a few months back, and I still can’t locate the previous discussion in which we tried to determine the downtown New Albany food and drink establishment which has been in business the longest. Chains don’t count; indies only.

Sorry, White Castle.

As for package sales, Bridge Liquors is 56 years old (1963). It isn’t downtown, but comfortably inside the beltway (110 Knable Lane). The current Sunset Spirits on Spring Street might have commenced as Gaslight Liquors as early as 1959 — the year before I was born.

For food, Sam’s is around 35 years old, but it’s no longer situated within New Albany city limits. NABC’s original location Grant Line Road began in 1987, making it 32. Who am I missing?

This time maybe we should try making a complete list.

In terms of a bar, at 51 years of age surely Hugh E. Bir’s Cafe predates all the rest, although Hitching Post also might be in the running. Has Vic’s been in continuous operation?

I distinctly recall trying (and failing) to get served at Bridge Liquors when I was about 17, circa 1977, in route to the old New Albany Drive-In just down the street. Bridge Liquors was located in a frame house, and the open land was just yielding to the sprawl inhabiting it now.

GREAT JOB, GUYS. That’s endurance. Now have some fun without having to reply to the alarm at 4:00 a.m. when a stray moth activated the sensor.

Bridge Liquors in New Albany has new owner, by Chris Morris (Hanson’s Folly)

Business had been in same family for 55 years

NEW ALBANY — Susan Kerber admits driving down State Street will seem a little weird in the future.

Kerber, who has worked and managed Bridge Liquors for the past 40 years, will soon leave the business she helped grow and expand. The liquor store, as well as the nearby car wash, recently sold. The new owners take possession Dec. 19.

“It’s bittersweet,” she said of selling the family-owned business.

Four generations of Kerber’s family have owned and worked at the liquor store, located at 110 Knable Lane, just off State Street, in New Albany. The current building was built 27 years ago and that is when Kerber took over as manager. It has been remodeled three times, she said, and currently has yearly sales of $2.5 million.

“I am proud of the job we did,” she said …