A belated accounting of my year in music for May and June.


It’s the song by the Smiths, as performed by Johnny Marr at Glastonbury. New Albanians know it as Team Gahan’s response each time I write about them.

It’s axiomatic: The music of my life means much more to me than it does to you, a statement of even greater relevance given that I ceased being an arbiter of musical trends at the dawning of the age of rap and hip hop three decades ago.

However, if you’re of like mind I may have been listening to something of interest — and vice versa.

As noted previously, there has been a great change in procedures during 2019. Finally I’ve acquiesced to streaming, most often experienced via a nice pair of noise-blocking headphones. My CD purchases are perhaps 25% of what they were before, limited to what I enjoy the most.

Unfortunately I’m as susceptible as ever to forgetfulness, and this is why the following brief rundown of albums and music from May and June is so late. First, snippets from the handful of CDs acquired during these months, followed by links to musical musings.

The Amazons … Future Dust

Bruce Springsteen … Western Stars

Sammy Hagar & the Circle … Space Between

Bastille … Doom Days

Yeah, well, I liked Van Hagar, and I like Sammy’s new album with The Circle. Fight me.

ON THE AVENUES: Let’s lift our voices for another verse of “Talking Seventh Inning Blues.”

Four decades later, Disco Demolition Night has not aged well.

What Steve Resch has in mind for the Jimmy’s Music Center building downtown.

I’d rather read Elton John’s autobiography than watch the biopic.

Jazz master Sidney Bechet was born on this day in 1897.

I thought I heard Buddy Bolden say …