Hilter Skilter: Here’s the sum total of Facebook’s non-explanation for censoring me last week.


It was Gwobbels whodunnit: Greetings from Facebook gaol, where I’m serving a sentence for being historically accurate.

Exactly how did my mention of the propaganda minister’s family name violate Facebook’s exceedingly vague “community standards”?

Cuz Big Brother Zuckerberg says so. In the absence of human contact, that’s the best explanation I can find.

This article from March from Forbes goes further toward explaining why the mere mention of Goebbels merited intervention than anything Facebook has said to me, or intends to say.

Last month, a Los Angeles Times investigation uncovered that “despite promises of greater oversight… Facebook has continued to allow advertisers to target hundreds of thousands of users the social media firm believes are curious about topics such as ‘Joseph Goebbels’, ‘Josef Mengele’, ‘Heinrich Himmler’, the neo-nazi punk band Skrewdriver and Benito Mussolini’s long-defunct National Fascist Party.”

Whatever. I’m a socialist, not a fascist, and I’m unrepentant. A big lie’s still a big lie, eh? And when Jeff Gahan claims to be a street safety savior and Jeff Speck agrees, then that’s a great big lie even by Gwobbles’s standards.