Lamentation aplenty as Joe Huber’s Family Farm prepares to be parceled and auctioned.


As the late, great Kevin Richards was known to observe, it is what it is.

Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Restaurant to be auctioned off later this year (WDRB)

There’s no doubting the level of pure country boy genius behind the idea that city folks would be wiling to drive 35 miles out of their way to do the work themselves and pay the property owner for the privilege.

That’s hall-of-fame savvy, and there ought to be a plaque somewhere.

At the same time, it’s simultaneously the best and worst component of a family business to be comprised of family members. Hypothetically, the only child wishes not to continue in the family business, while multiple siblings can’t come to a collective decision and feud.

Will the Huber property be purchased and populated with hundreds of McMansions in a great orgasmic outburst of peak sprawl?


Just remember that the only constant is change — and for the love of Jeeebus, stop asking about what is to become of Pop’s Reserve; the winery and distillery are owned by the other branch of the Huber family.

Grappa, anyone?