Plot twist as Jenna Clem (Huber) takes to Go Fund Me: “Save Joe Huber’s Family Farm.”


Jenna Clem says there’s another side to the story.

Lamentation aplenty as Joe Huber’s Family Farm prepares to be parceled and auctioned.

I have no dogs in this fight, but let’s allow the daughter have her say. Click through to read the entire testimonial.


$2,230 of $1.0M goal
Raised by 79 people in 8 hours

My name is Jenna Clem (Huber).

I would like a chance to tell everyone the truth, instead of the version that will be portrayed in a statement by the auction company, as to not make anyone “look bad”. At this point, I’m not worried about hurting anyone’s feelings, as some are not concerned with hurting mine.

My father was Joseph Huber lll. I’m sure that most of you reading this also know that my father was killed in a tragic mowing accident at his home on July 27th, 2015. My father devoted his entire life to the farm, as did my grandfather, Joseph Huber Jr. Since the death of both my grandfather and father, there has been a divide in the family. To some, money means more than keeping a family tradition alive. My husband and I have made multiple fair offers to purchase the farm from my aunts and uncles which were not even considered. So I can assure you that the next generation is very interested in keeping their legacy alive. I can say this with certainty, as I am the next generation …