David Duggins’ TASER fetish: Hoosier Action has the lowdown, as Mayor Jeff Gahan remains hunkered in the down low bunker.


Hoosier Action has a way you can help, so give the NAHA a call and tell them what you think about TASER “jokes.”

Don’t forget that it isn’t the rank and file at NAHA posing the problem. It’s the imported colonial overlords.

While you’re at it, here’s another handy phone number: 812-948-5333, straight to City Hall — because Mayor Jeff Gahan can’t hide forever. Gahan owns the public housing debacle, and it’s time he answered for it.

Tell NAHA Interim Director David Duggins: threats are no joke.

We Are New Albany Deputy Chairperson Brandon Brown has shown courageous leadership in defense of the public housing residents whose homes Duggins and Mayor Gahan are threatening with demolition. When Duggins “jokes” that Brandon should be tased, we see that for what it is: intimidation in retribution for Brandon’s leadership.

If you want to let Duggins know you stand with Brandon and will not tolerate such threatening “jokes,” the NAHA phone number is 812-948-2319. Tell us in the comments what you said, and how it was received.

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