MATCHing ensembles of cigars, bourbon, beer and cigars at Match Cigar Bar in New Albany.


Perhaps an introduction is in order, because I have the distinct impression many of my readers aren’t aware of Match Cigar Bar’s second location at 147 East Main in New Albany.

C’mon, people — read the damn memos.

I recall owner Jeff Mouttet outlining to me the trials and tribulations of opening Riverside Cigar Shop in downtown Jeffersonville at precisely the moment, circa late 2011, when the Sherman Minton Bridge closed temporarily and threw metro Louisville automotive traffic patterns into a tizzy.

Riverside survived and thrived, and Jeff surely belongs to the upper echelon of cigar aficionados in the region. In due course, the adjoining space attached to Riverside became the original Match. For an overview of the sister establishment in New Albany, go to Extol: A Perfect Match (Cigar Bar, That Is).

“For Match New Albany, we wanted to integrate everything we’ve done in Jeffersonville at Riverside Cigar Shop and Lounge and Match Cigar Bar,” Jeff explained. “We have a great bourbon selection and the ability to smoke a premium cigar. Our people are very knowledgeable about either bourbon or cigars, and we want you to feel like you can ask questions and it’s a place where you can learn.”

It must be noted that Urban Bread Company no longer operates at Match’s New Albany shop, but the majority of downtown New Albany’s restaurants are conveniently situated within a handy three block radius of the cigar dispensary and lounge.

Bourbon and cocktails are the draw at Match; still, there always are a few choice beers on tap. During my last visit, Founders Porter, Falls City Hipster IPA and Chimay Tripel were among them. Perhaps some day we might conspire to stage a beer tasting at Match, and until then, here’s a bit more on the notion of cigars and beer: AFTER THE FIRE: Drink, smoke and enjoy.

For instance, a golden-colored beer might be light and delicately hopped (Kolsch), medium-bodied, estery and phenolic (German Hefeweizen) or strong and malty sweet (Maibock). With a yellowish-brown Claro wrapper, Kolsch’s subtlety would be missed, and the assertive Maibock might overwhelm it. Among these three beer styles, a reasonable starting point might be Hefeweizen; a touch of clove and fruit for complementing the Claro’s spiciness.

Match Cigar Bar in New Albany is plush, laid back and comfortable, with lighting and music (lots of jazz) running to the less obtrusive, conversation-supporting side. It goes without saying that cigar lovers need to be aware of the well-tended options at Match, but even if you’re not a cigar smoker, it’s a prime spot for relaxed ambiance and a drink or two.

Check Match out, and give the place a tout. We need an option like this in downtown New Albany.