How you can help make the New Albany Public Art Skatepark a reality.


Back in November, we asked the most important question. To date, City Hall hasn’t answered it … and so it goes, on and on forever.

An “artsy” refit for the waterfront skate park? Sure, but why has City Hall allowed it to become an “eyesore,” anyway?

The Carnegie Center is leading this push, and says “There is so much potential with this skatepark, it’s like a blank canvas just waiting for some love.”

That’s certainly true. It will be interesting to see how much of this love bubbles up from the grassroots, as opposed to being decreed down by the usual suspects. I’m hopeful, as always.

Skateboarders — what can we do to help?

Help make the New Albany Public Art Skatepark a reality

Based on studies that have shown how investments in experiences over material objects lead to healthier, happier lives, the Carnegie Center has started looking for ways to provide art experiences, to create opportunities for people to not just passively look at art, but to get into it, to participate in its creation, and to physically engage with it. Today we are seeking your help to rehabilitate and reinvent our city’s riverfront skatepark into a shiny, new skate-able work of public art — A Public Art Skatepark.

Skateboarding’s history and culture is deeply intertwined with art and creation, which can be easily seen in skateboard graphics, clothing designs, and custom ramp builds. Even the act of skateboarding itself is a living embodiment of art and sport, of creativity and physical activity. The world as seen through the eyes of a skateboarder becomes an exercise of seeing untapped potential in inanimate objects. Providing interactive, inspiring objects for play at this Art Skatepark allows minds to creatively explore real world geometry and expand brain activity, which in turn builds a deeper understanding of the real world around us. Finding ways to stimulate people in our community, and promote physical, mental, and emotional health is our goal, and art is the vehicle we want to use to achieve that goal.