Mayoral paperwork filed, Zurschmiede suddenly becomes aware of human trafficking.


Of course, it is disturbing that Indiana’s attorney general must acknowledge the prevailing Hoosier theocracy by expressing opposition to human trafficking through the safe haven of religious organizations (it’s a faith issue, not an enforcement issue — right, Greg?), but still, as an unexpected means of exposing spa landlord Kevin Zurschmiede’s ongoing ethical confusion (see photo above), the article is quite simply priceless.

Zoeller urges unity against human trafficking (N and T)

INDIANAPOLIS — Religious organizations in Indiana and across the globe will recognize Sunday, Feb. 8, as the first-ever International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking …

… (Indiana Attorney General Greg) Zoeller said Indiana communities are not immune to human trafficking. State, federal and nonprofit agencies investigated more than 100 human trafficking tips in Indiana last year. The average age at which children in the United States first become victims of sex trafficking is 12 to 14, and 83 percent of sex trafficking victims in the U.S. are U.S. citizens.

“For too long these horrific crimes flourished largely unnoticed by the public, and thankfully that is starting to change,” Zoeller said in the release. “We now know that human trafficking is happening right here at home, and its victims are our most vulnerable citizens. Being aware of these crimes, knowing the warning signs and refusing to tolerate the commercial sex industry that fuels trafficking are all critical to this fight.

Zurschmiede’s hypocrisy was considered at length earlier this week in two NAC postings:

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