Open thread: Dan Coffey, CCE, shredded tires and barbecued bologna.


Coffey done with New Albany plan, redevelopment commission; City official at odds with boards over business relocation, by Daniel Suddeath (News and Tribune).

In the past two weeks, New Albany City Council President Dan Coffey resigned from two posts on city boards mainly over the relocation of a tire shredding business.

CCE Inc. could soon be moving to 1706 Ind. 111, if the New Albany Plan Commission approves a zone change for the business, which has been in property negotiations with the city’s redevelopment commission.

There are two separate issues here.

First, the merits and demerits of CCE, both at its Silver Street location and the projected new site on Ind. 111. We’re fully accustomed to there being two sides of a story, but when it comes to CCE’s environmental record on Silver, the stories are nowhere close to reconcilable.

Second, the circumstances that result in an utterly unqualified political personage like Dan Coffey ever coming to serve on boards or commissions that have to do with planning and redevelopment.

CM Coffey says that it’s a result of a conspiracy — Redevelopment’s role in CCE’s move, not his deleterious presence on planning and redevelopment. I believe it’s a boost for the city that he’s removed himself from those entities. Meanwhile, very little of a positive nature has been offered to support CCE as a good neighbor. In the best tradition of New Albany’s stopped clock, might Coffey be right, though for the usual wrong reasons?

Any clues?