BEER WITH A SOCIALIST: Believe it or not, “Drunk people can’t socially distance.”


Yep, it takes a pandemic to grasp that drunks slobber, hug each other, start fights and behave abominably. Been there, seen that. To be honest, done that, myself.

If bars elect to pack them in as though the past six months haven’t even happened, we can expect more of the same. It’s happening everywhere right now. My loyalty to the food and drink business precludes me from calling out anyone; it’s just personal with me now, and there are places I’ll likely not go for a very long time into the future.

My main question about the reopening of pubs in the UK is how hard it’s been for those still specializing in real ale to prepare when the actual reopening dates have changed. 

No one thinks about living beer during a pandemic, do they?

‘Crystal clear’ drunk people can’t socially distance, say police in England in The Guardian

Police Federation chair says revellers would not adhere to one-metre-plus rules as pubs opened on Saturday

Drunk people are unable to properly socially distance, the chairman of the Police Federation has said as pubs reopened in England for the first time since lockdown.

John Apter said it was “crystal clear” revellers would not adhere to the one metre plus rule as restrictions were eased on Saturday.

Prof Chris Whitty said the pandemic “is a long way from gone” and urged the public to follow social-distancing rules as pubs and restaurants reopened.

But images from London’s Soho showed packed streets into the early hours of Sunday …