Amadeo Lázaro and 50 kilos of snails on Sunday: “There are no bartenders like me any more, I’m a museum piece.”

Photo credit: EL PAÍS

This article was suggested by Jeff and Karen, who recently spent time in Spain. I find myself deeply moved. A long-term commitment to one’s craft seems such an anachronism, and yet it should be the norm.

This guy gets it, snails and all. 

“There are no bartenders like me any more, I’m a museum piece”, by Julia F. Cadenas; English version by Alicia Kember (EL PAÍS)

EL PAÍS speaks to Amadeo Lázaro, the 90-year-old owner of the iconic tavern Casa Amadeo, about success, preparing snails and why he has no plans to retire

When Amadeo Lázaro is asked if he is the boss, he replies that he’s just the errand boy. “We’re here to serve you, to welcome you with a positive attitude,” he says. Lázaro first began working at a bar when he was 11. Now, at age 90, he has been running Madrid’s iconic Casa Amadeo “Los Caracoles,” in the La Latina neighborhood, for nearly half a century.

Question. You’ve been here a few years…
Answer. A few years less than Cascorro square [where the bar is located].

Q. The square is going to be renamed.
A. After all I’ve done, the square should be renamed after me.

Q. What have you learned in this time?
A. I’m still learning! Because there is so much to learn. I have learned that it is a virtue to be friendly, warm, and humble when accepting people‘s money. You have to know how to hope and how to love …