Hull & High Water announcement: “On top of our seafood menu, we have now decided to launch a full Southern BBQ program.”


Eric Morris is quite capable of speaking for himself, don’t you think?

Hull & High Water


Thank you to all of you fine folk for a wonderful two years in business in a bustling downtown New Albany. It’s incredible how much this town has grown in such a few years and all the wonderful new independent businesses that have popped up from restaurant to retail.

We have decided to change a few things here at Hull to add a more diverse dining experience with added catering options as well. You could only keep me away from southern cuisine for so long 😂😂.

On top of our seafood menu, we have now decided to launch a full Southern BBQ program. We miss the likes of Feast BBQ and Shawn’s Southern BBQ downtown and would like to fill that hole with much due respect.

Everything will be smoked on site and with careful detail and love. We’re talking ribs, brisket, pork, etc…and infuse some of that smokey goodness with our new Orleans-influenced cuisine for some fun creative twists. It also allows us to smoke fish in house and add new options on our seafood line. Smoked oysters on the half shell are the bomb btw.

Having more comfort food options in the winter will also counter to our summer-driven seafood menu. I sincerely hope you guys come check it out as well as some new seafood options coming your way!! Thanks for everything!

Lastly, The Grouper option is coming back. You’re welcome ❤❤❤. We start smoking next week so follow your nose to Hull and Highwater. Now help us name our new smoker!