From The Aggregate, “City Officials Need Term Limits.”


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Of the four contributors listed, only Nick Vaughn is known to me. You’ll recall his past contributions to NA Confidential (browse here).

Articles are beginning to appear. Here’s one of them, by Vaughn.

City Officials Need Term Limits, by Nick Vaughn (The Aggregate)

With the political scene being dominated by national politics, I felt that it was best to try to shift gears, get local, and talk about an issue that is especially pressing at the local level. New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Dallas all have two things in common. First, they are among America’s largest cities and second, they term limit their city officials. You can even add Philadelphia in the mix as well, although they only limit the mayor. While the cities I listed all have varying restrictions on the amount of terms and the length of terms city officials can serve, the point is that some of the largest cities in America saw the need to limit the amount of career politicians that served on their city council and in the mayor’s office. I suggest New Albany follow suit and invoke term limits on city officials …