You can help Dan Canon with his new project: Midwesticism: Stories from the End of America.


Alas, so much for Dan Canon, 3rd District council person. A boy can dream. Meanwhile, read all about Dan’s next project can consider becoming a supporter.

I did.

Midwesticism: Stories from the End of America

A better world. To the extent there is something we all want universally, it’s this. We may have very different ideas of what that might be. But we want it. Sometimes (maybe most of the time) it seems impossible to do anything meaningful to get it.

The courts, the legislature, the executive branch, all the existing systems we have in place are not tools of justice, liberty, equality, or anything we want or expect them to be. And as demonstrated by the last election, even when the rest of the country makes a little progress, the Midwest lags behind, and sometimes seems to be moving backwards.

And so the question becomes: *how* can we make things better?

After a life as a musician, lawyer, and politician, I’ve come to an important conclusion: The real stuff of social change happens through narrative – telling each other our real stories, our lived experiences. And there are lots of stories to tell. Great stories. Life-changing stories. World-changing stories.

Over the last few years, I’ve built a media presence by fighting for change in people’s lives. I’ve got a platform to tell those stories. I intend to use that platform. I think I can do a lot more good like this than by running for office (for now). And so I’m excited to give you a little glimpse into what we’ve been working on the last couple of months in the video below. It’s a multimedia project focusing on extraordinary people in the Midwest – people who are making a better world, often without accolades, and sometimes without even knowing it themselves. Essentially, we are trying to carry on the work and spirit of my campaign without the ugliness, ineffectiveness, and enormous expense of electoral politics.

We have a lot planned for this project. A veteran film crew, researchers, social media experts, the works. And holy cow, you are NOT gonna believe the content. The stuff our subjects talk about is going to change the way you look at the Midwest, the people in your own backyard, and the nature of how we go about shaping the world around us. I want to help give people a roadmap for making a better world, one piece at a time, and I think that’s what this project will do.

Of course, we need your help. If you’ve got a couple of extra bucks – even $5.00 – to help us out every month (now that candidates are not vying for your every dollar), that’s amazing. But if you can share this and tell everyone you know about it, that’s great too. And if you know anyone we should profile, let us know!