GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Trowel in hand, CM Phipps demands city-county wall.


At the April 2 city council meeting, my 3rd district councilman splashed ice-cold water on the very notion of city-county cooperation.

(Mr. Phipps) explained that he is vehemently opposed to a merger (of 9-1-1 call services) because of the horrible track record that the county has with every venture they have entered into with the city. He stated that as long as he is on the council, he is not even willing to entertain a discussion with the county on merging any type of services. He added that whether Dr. Knable intended it to or not, it did bring that issue to the forefront and he appreciates that they can be civil about it.

Filled with the caliber of satirical zeal that comes from years spent in proximity to political underachievement on the part of the councilman, the Green Mouse has learned that Councilman Phipps is set to propose a definitive solution to the problem of county government perfidy.

“I will build a great, great wall on our western and northern border, and I will have Mark Seabrook pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

Of course, if Seabrook won’t pay, there’s always TIF.