The posh luxuriousness of City Hall subsidies, or Fox News and DNA at The Breakwater.


Fox News in the uninhabited Breakwater community space at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25. A fusion of hirsute Neo-Hipster veneer shadings with Empty Nester faux chic. Relevant, exciting.

Sadly, the best idea David Duggins ever had lies over there, cold and shivering on the cutting room floor. New Albany badly needs Bocce Ball! Yes, but maybe Dugout was just biding his time, awaiting his transfer at NAHA so that now, a playing field can be installed where the poor people used to live.

As Bluegill observes:

The perennial problem with trying to do half-assed “modern” architecture on the cheap is that it almost always ends up looking just like half-assed “modern” architecture done on the cheap. We now have a big, ugly building that won’t age well where most people can’t afford to live anyway. Per Reaganomic dreams of the city, we have arrived.

Speaking of Breakwater, Develop New Albany’s next networking function will be held in the very same space as the Fox News telecast depicted above. In fact, we are urged to Make Networking Great Again.

But there’s even more.

Mayor Jeff Gahan Presents: A special drawing for 100 lbs of cured and rendered TIF Sausage AND a free sewer tap-in waiver! (see full drawing rules below)

(Corporate clients only; zip code must be outside the 47150; pre-approval by Warren Nash is necessary. Certain other restrictions apply. Republicans, public housing residents, John Gonder, Diane Benedeti and staffers of NA Confidential as well as their families past, present or future are ineligible for this drawing)

It reminds me of my conversation with a DNA stalwart.

Me: Your organization isn’t helping matters very much.

Him: We’re fine the way we are, and I’m tired of people like you criticizing us.

Me: I only do it because your organization isn’t helping matters very much.

Him: Well, stop criticizing and join the organization, so as to achieve change from within.

Me: How likely is “change” if you think your organization is fine, and you and the others aren’t leaving it?

Him: The Cubs are back in first place!

See you in the funny papers … though probably not at the Breakwater networking event.

Suits just give me the chills.