NABC at the Cannelton Heritage Festival on Saturday, October 12.


Last year NABC was delighted to be invited to serve craft beer at the Cannelton (Indiana) Heritage Festival, and so in 2013, we’re making it an encore performance, joining local wineries from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in “the shadows of the Indiana Cotton Mill.”

I wrote about it at last fall: Tastes Like Coffee, Just Different …

 … The street was blocked off for the festival, and there were booths lining the sidewalks, staffed by artisans, craftsmen, church congregations and civic organizations. Not unexpectedly, the scale was far intimate than New Albany’s Harvest Homecoming, where the sheer immensity of the temporary festival typically obscures and overwhelms the physical setting downtown. In Cannelton, the festival blends more harmoniously with the streetscape.

We’re taking Community Dark, Black & Blue Grass, Hoosier Daddy and Hoptimus. If you’re heading that way, stop by and say hello.