The multi-talented Kerry Stemler can screw up wet dreams on BOTH sides of the river.


Sifting through the weird breathlessness of Insider Louisville typically takes some doing. One of the site’s latest fixations has been purges underway at Greater Louisvile Inc (GLI), which is Louisville’s version of One Southern Indiana (1Si), which in turn suggests that a source for discounted Hazmat suits would be very much appreciated if I’m to keep reading about the wonders of besuited enrichment.

Wait … what’s the smell? It smells like a garden-variety Quisling to me.

CEO Craig Richard’s letter to GLI members reveals first details about staff cuts, budget issues and travel freezes

 … These changes were not made lightly or in a vacuum. Communication with GLI’s Chairman of the Board, Kerry Stemler, and members of our Executive Committee on these decisions were ongoing. I appreciate their full support as we implement these changes and cost-saving initiatives.

Let me get this straight: Stemler gets to poison more than one well? On both sides of the river? Too bad we’re not a tri-state area; he could pull a hat trick — or a rat trick.

Just savor this prime bit of vintage oligarch-speak gibberish as he explores efficiencies and body cavities at GLI.

Sources: ‘Bloodbath’ at Greater Louisville Inc., with at least 25 percent of staff dismissed, by Terry Boyd

 … “There were two catalysts for organizational change at this time – the post-recession business dynamics and the new leadership agenda of our president and CEO Craig Richard. We’ve been able to identify efficiencies within the organization and create a structure with an increased focus on economic development and member services.” Kerry Stemler, Chairman of the Board, Greater Louisville Inc.

Writing like that is so incredibly bad that it makes one pine for the halcyon days of Benny Breeze. In comparison with Stemler’s nonsense, Tea Party screeds read like Thomas Jefferson. It makes Bob Cesar look visionary. More gin is demanded.

Posterity is going to be very unkind to these lemmings. GLI and 1Si will be consigned to the ash heaps they both richly deserve to inhabit. Meanwhile, future generations will be asking:

Why’d they let a second-rater like Stemler dictate anything beyond a mobile phone’s voice mail message?