Harvest dinner with NABC isn’t just a pigfoot and a bottle of beer.


Once again, NABC is pairing with Harvest Restaurant in Louisville for a beer dinner, and Steve Coomes does a fine job of describing the thought process behind the pairings. Meat eaters should be particularly mindful of Chef Coby Ming’s comment about “showing respect for the animal.” To me, laying into a pork chop but being squeamish about the tongue makes no sense at all. There are compelling reasons not to eat meat, but if you do, then parts is parts.

Cheeks and tongue, feet and head … bring them on, please. We have some very nice beers to match.

Hog callin’! Harvest hosting 4-course, ‘nose to tail’ New Albanian Brewing dinner April 9, by Steve Coomes (Insider Louisville)

Usually when chefs create special dinners paired with adult beverages, they have the menu in mind before they choose their liquid pairings.

The reverse happened recently when Harvest executive chef Coby Ming was planning such a meal, one she’d already decided would center on beer. Her food choices were a mystery until hog farmer Adam Barr came calling.