UPDATED: Nattering neo-con nabobs knocked in Tribune guest columns; grateful reading public requests links.


I’ve been intending to congratulate John Sodrel for his recent three-part guest column in the Tribune, “The great neocon con.”

It’s a delightful and systematic debunking of neo-conservative mythology, and delightfully appropriate to the weeks following the mid-term election, when several of the shaky neo-con planks were unceremoniously rejected by the electorate.

The reason why John’s contribution hasn’t been mentioned yet is that I’ve been waiting for the Tribune to archive the columns on line, and as of this morning, this hasn’t occurred. I suspect the newspaper’s been waiting for the conclusion of Sodrel’s series.

Tribune staff: Are you going to do this? If so, I’ll link to you.

(Here it is, as provided in the comments section earlier today)

John Sodrel: If you’re reading, and wish to see your columns republished here at NA Confidential, let me know. I’m happy to do it.