Who will Trump’s cultists blame when they finally understand they’ve been conned?


Donald Trump’s entire “career” in and out of politics has been one long, sustained confidence trick. The owners of capital “get it,” and shill with enthusiasm because they can only gain from the con man’s game.

Generally speaking, when the victims of a con game realize they’ve been duped, they’re angry. It may or may not be the con man’s fault, but it’s not theirs; no one likes looking in the mirror and confronting their own gullibility.

Politically, it’s never been about Trump’s narcissistic grifting. Rather, it’s about wealth consolidating its power and enhancing its vampiric capital accumulation as the populace is distracted by the grift; and, it’s about those Americans, primarily white, who’ve embraced Trump’s con game with open arms.

When they realize they’ve been had, as inevitably they will, who’s up to be blamed? It won’t be Trump himself, as rejecting a deity is hard work, and he’ll be exonerated by having been “stabbed in the back” or some such nonsense.

It won’t be the con man’s disappointed victims, swindled and left to founder, because the mirror’s cracked by the weight of the dominant caste racism and gibberish.

I think most of us already have a suspicion about the answer to this question, and it’s not a pleasant one. In a collective sense, why do humans cherish being conned? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pitchfork to sharpen.

This “Never Trumper” is hilarious. She cannot countenance the grift, but on the other hand, because providing health care and other basic public services would be both unAmerican and unfair to the accumulators of capital, she just might change her mind
Sorry, I don’t mean to make a pro or con statement about what should happen with health care. I’m saying that some version of socialized medicine exists in most European countries, and I think we would agree that they’re all democracies.

I didn’t suggest that the imposition of socialized medicine was somehow going to end our democracy. I merely said that it was going to usher in things that were irreversible that were not going to be good for our country.