Black licorice, but not the Grand Funk song because, well, the lyrics have not stood the test of time.


In fact, I’m notorious for not listening to the lyrics. Consequently, the words to the old Grand Funk tune from 1972 surprised me. Yes, I’m a very slow learner. 

But you can listen to the song here if you wish. Musically, the song is strong. Lyrically? Not so much. 

Meanwhile, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a man died from eating too much black licorice. This is neither a pun nor a joke. Here’s the story from The Guardian.


A Massachusetts construction worker’s love of black licorice wound up costing him his life. Eating a bag and a half every day for a few weeks threw his nutrients out of balance and caused the 54-year-old man’s heart to stop, doctors reported.