And the first thing they do is cut down an enormous healthy tree.


In the final analysis, the local demolish ‘n’ develop cadre needn’t be all that proficient at what they do. They can take down a 100-year-old tree to accommodate “luxury” townhouses with a lifespan of two decades, and it doesn’t matter. 

Skill and ability is irrelevant; just learn to read the tea leaves and know exactly when to give the pay-to-play wheel a mighty heave.

Then it’s out with the chain saws. 

My personal view? The in-crowd in the festering boil of a dirty river town can go … nah, never mind. The Pavlov’s Dog effect in Nawbany means that I write or say something true, and someone close to me gets an electrical shock. 

Do we even have a Tree Board? 

Redevelopment machinations and those awesomely cute townhouses coming to Vincennes Street where the demolitions just went down.