SHANE’S EXCELLENT NEW WORDS: A guide to conspiracy theory slang.


Here’s one that we can add to Nawbany’s lexicon.

Pyro·demo·redevelopment: the coincidence wherein buildings standing in the way or redevelopment plans magically catch on fire and are bulldozed. 

I’m not saying I believe we have a plan to torch buildings so redevelopment, and the (redacted)-to-play can be hastened.

Only that there are certain coincidences, that’s all. It’s probably nothing, right?

From plandemic to breadcrumbs: conspiracy-theory slang (1843 Magazine by The Economist)

Those who think the world is full of intrigue and plots often have their own language

There’s nothing new about looking for answers. At a time when religion is on the retreat in many countries, people often look to alternative theories of life and the universe, particularly in periods of uncertainty. As coronavirus has spread, so have conspiracy theories: protesters gather to denounce masks, vaccines and 5g networks; social-media feeds teem with histrionic videos about murky cabals and worst of all, it has reached your family WhatsApp group. But if you’re going to argue with a conspiracy theorist, you’d better speak their language. If someone tells you to “follow the breadcrumbs”, resist the urge. When you hear someone disparaging “sheeple”, stand proudly as a member of the flock. After all, it’s much harder to refute lies if you’re ignorant too.