A view of the river; at the The Aggregate, investigative journalism has not died.


The Aggregate is going where local mainstream media evidently fears to tread, and good on them for taking journalism seriously. But first, a number.

It’s hard to write a song with bitter fingers
So much to prove, so few to tell you why
Those old die-hards in Denmark Street start laughing
At the keyboard player’s hollow haunted eyes
It seems to me a change is really needed
I’m sick of tra-la-las and la-de-das
No more long days hacking hunks of garbage
Bitter fingers never swung on swinging stars, swinging stars

Bernie Taupin never wrote better lyrics, but I digress, because there isn’t a trace of bitterness in my soul, just contentment that others are stepping forward to carry the baton — or something like that.

Broken Promises: City Contradictions on the Riverview Demolition, by Daniel Johnson and Leah Wilkinson

After a series of contradicting statements from local officials concerning a public housing complex in New Albany, some feared the city was preparing to push them out. Their theories were confirmed at a building meeting in early September.