In My Room.


According to the death cult curated by the Right, these people who insist on staying home are behaving unpatriotically.

They should have all gone to Sturgis to experience the world’s toughest guys drinking the lightest beer available.

But maybe, just maybe, tending to one’s health when he’s skint, anyway, is another variation on the pursuit of happiness.

Because, as the philosopher reminds us, pleasure is the absence of pain.

Americans Stayed Inside Even as Cities and States Reopened, by Alexandre Tanzi and Olivia Rockeman (Bloomberg)

Well after U.S. economies began reopening this year, Americans continued to stay home.

By the latter half of August, 130 million Americans said they avoided eating at restaurants, a new U.S. Census Bureau survey analyzed by Bloomberg News shows. Only about 21 million of the nearly 250 million people had resumed dining out, according to the data gathered in collaboration with multiple federal agencies.

Asked if they were still making fewer trips to stores in late August than before the pandemic, 70% said “yes.” Even among the youngest adults aged 18 to 24, 68% said they were shopping less.

In some cases, the ability to stay home was tied to income. More than 70% of households earning more than $100,000 said they were able to substitute telecommuting for some in-person work. By comparison, only 27% of households with annual incomes under $75,000 said someone in their home was able to telecommute …