Tell the Truth.


Hi, I’m Roger.

By the way, just for the record, while I may be retired from certain aspects of the curmudgeon’s lifelong mission to inform the community, one thing I will never do is apologize for being right.

Nor should you, or anyone else.

It’s tremendously important at this juncture in our history to be cognizant of the damage done by “alternative facts,” this being Orwellian for what we all used to understand were plain, flat LIES.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to understand that lies and lying are not confined to your own political party, peer group, cult, sect, family, team or club. The pathology extends past all arbitrary boundaries. The only necessary pre-existing condition is to be a liar and embrace lying. Literally anyone CAN do it.

Too many actually do.

If lies are your thing, okay; a fetish is a fetish for a reason, but the least you can do is cut the outrage when others do it. You’re defecating in the collective nest just as surely as they are, and hypocrisy isn’t a good look for you or anyone else.

Are we clear?

Thank you.