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Residents of Riverview Towers were informed on Wednesday that there’d be two Thursday meetings via Zoom (September 3 at 11 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.), with the topic being HUD and the future of their building. Later the meeting was changed to take place on site, utilizing pandemic protocols. A resident relayed this information. The headers of these past informational blog links have been edited to ensure the full appearance of anodyne.

April 22, 2019
Riverview Tower and the need for new parking on State Street?

April 21, 2019
The timetable to transform Riverview Tower.

April 8, 2019
WHY are we talking about Riverview?

March 27, 2019
NAHA commercial property purchases.

February 18, 2019
Will Riverview Tower be sold for redevelopment?

December 27, 2018
Riverview Tower’s future is discussed.