Hanging On Too Long.


Today was a momentous occasion for the Confidentials.

Diana had a dental appointment in Louisville, and I drove her through the war-torn city and back. It was the first time in more than five months that either of us had gone to Kentucky.

Apart from typically dangerous drivers prompting evasive action, we managed to avoid the dreaded terrorists.

Dupont Circle is just a stone’s throw from Lexington Road, and so we made a $60 stop at Lotsa Pasta on the way home: muffaletta sandwiches, Teli Hungarian-style salami, goat emmentaler cheese, herring in dill, German dark chocolate biscuits, ciabatta, and a major haul of Mackay’s three fruit marmalade.

Gracious. It might well be the closest we get to Europe this year, although I suppose strictly speaking the sandwiches are a New Orleans kind of thing.

It’s the little things.