Just Go Away.


Of course Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer should resign, if for no other reason than persistent incompetence, although you’re advised to deploy a Galt House-sized grain of salt when digesting today’s purely partisan GOP no-confidence measure.

At the height of the BLM protests, I was paying attention nightly to District 19 councilman’s Anthony Piagentini criticism of Fischer from the right; Piagentini would have called in the black shirts if allowed. Lots of quasi-Peronist ambition in this one, don’t you think?

It’s true that Fischer’s “bourbonism” mantra has ceased to cast a spell; he’d bungled matters hideously, and it’s hard to imagine that any substantive bloc of support remains.

Fischer just needs to go away, but the push certainly doesn’t need to come from the fascistic opposition. Democrats need to do it, and they won’t.

Welcome to L’America.

Louisville Metro Council to consider no-confidence vote in Mayor Greg Fischer, by Darcy Costello (Louisville Courier Journal)

Louisville Metro Council Republicans are calling for an unprecedented no-confidence vote in Mayor Greg Fischer and suggesting he resign — a move Fischer has dismissed as a political game.

The resolution, filed Monday with all seven Republicans as co-sponsors, says a new mayor is essential to bring needed change in the Louisville Metro Police Department and that a lack of trust has been fostered by “false claims” of transparency and accountability from Fischer.

It goes on to urge Fischer to resign and to work with the Metro Council to “establish a transition to ensure that the community can begin the process of healing.”

The legislation will be assigned to a committee, where it could be voted on next week and sent to the full Metro Council for its consideration as soon as Sept. 3. It has no Democratic co-sponsors …