Don’t Cry Out Loud.


I had no idea that Grandpa Jones of the long-running series Hee Haw was from Henderson County, Kentucky — same as my mother, although he was born 19 years before her.

Jones liked to say that truth is stranger than fact. It isn’t known whether he ever visited New Albany, which puts this thoughtful axiom to the test on a daily basis.

In fact, I’d go so far as to argue that Hee Haw provides more sound a basis for marketing Nawbany than other suggestions made over the years, up to (and including) the immortal “Come To City,” which came close to causing a riot back in 2011, the final year of Doug England’s third term.

If you’re new to the (ob)scene, “Come To City” is a saga worth revisiting.

From 2011 and 2015: Regaining consciousness in a city “coming” to? Or, the infamous Come to City marketing fiasco of 2011.

“Top-down is superfluous when the grassroots are mobilized, and now, more than ever, small business has the means to come together and take a seat at the table.”

Of course, these disasters were pre-COVID, now a line of demarcation between past and present, although curiously the Sherman Minton Bridge has a way of circling back to take pounds of flesh from the general vicinity of our posteriors (as in 2021).

Truth? It’s still stranger than fact. In other recent news, there is this.

New Albany comes up with fun idea to get people to explore city, by Andrew Chernoff (WLKY)

Scavenger hunt created based on the game “Monopoly”

It’s important for people to support businesses during this COVID-19 pandemic, especially local businesses.

Develop New Albany came up with a fun way to get people to do so. The idea that “Develop New Albany” came up with is a scavenger hunt based on the game “Monopoly” …