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There was a Twitter discussion about “binge” watching.

I’m not really a TV/movie kind of guy in the first place; to each their own. I’ve always been more of a reader.

Movies I do only sporadically.

If there’s a TV show I like (Endeavor, for example), I’m more likely than not to absorb it slowly, not all at once. Different strokes and all.

Massive coincidence: Endeavor returns to PBS this evening. Three episodes on consecutive Sunday evenings, with gin and tonics.

That’s the way to do it.

On Set With the ‘Endeavour’ Cast: Who’s Back, Who (and What) Is Missing & When It Might End, by Diane Snyder (TV Insider)

The three new 90-minute installments show that the prequel’s Oxford-educated, opera- and crossword-puzzle-loving loner Morse has grown. No longer a novice detective, he’s more akin to the cantankerous white-haired character played by the late John Thaw in the staple Inspector Morse (1987–2000). “We’re getting closer now to the Morse everyone knows,” says producer James Levison.