Out of Nowhere.


I had a pandemic-inspired old fart moment today.

The Monarch (wholesale beer distributorship) order arrived on schedule and the driver Ray phoned me according to our usual arrangement. My bike’s back from the shop, so I rode it down to unlock Pints&union.

About halfway there I thought “crap, I forgot my mask.” Ah, I further reasoned, we have some official Pints&union masks at work; no problem.

Ray was waiting by the back door. I rushed in and ran past all the masks stored by the taps, apologized to Ray because I’d forgotten my mask, said I’d keep my distance, and received the order.

Only then, with no one else around, did I think to grab a Pints face mask from the stack. I put away the beer and came home, sat down, and noticed my mask was right there, hanging from my neck the entire time.

Ray thinks I’m senile.

I’m wondering, too.

Happy 60 years + one day (to me).


  1. At least when you got 1/2 way to P&U, you didn't forget where you were riding.-Don't worry, maybe 65-68 will get you there.