A Monday Date.


It’s been a tough week.

I’ve got blisters on my “unfollow” fingers; it was time to eliminate the social media “friends” who can’t do any better than post one fabricated, lying, propaganda meme after another. This has included a few people for whom I feel genuine affection and consider to be friends in the real world, not the pretend on-line world. I understand that some of them are scared; others didn’t have a strong grip when things were good. What’s changed is my willingness to tolerate their blathering.

As K. stated so well, it’s about my own sanity and survival. I usually could brush it off prior to COVID, but now these people no longer are just harmless loonies; they’re advocating harm at every turn — whether pandemic obliviousness, or white supremacy, or virulent superstition.

For all my reputation as an extremist, no one has persisted as long as I have in the effort to cling to a middle ground as it pertains to talking with people who hold differing beliefs. But they’re becoming toxic zombies to me, and while I dislike having jettison dysfunctional ballast to protect myself, here we are.