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The Blue Green Mouse says that in response to the news of American Queen Steamboat Company’s layoffs, City Hall has authorized a $50,000 HWC Engineering study to explain what the hell American Queen Steamboat Company even is to being with.

Narrator: A foundation of the downtown economy, that’s all.

A New Albany, Indiana-based steamboat company is laying off more than 200 workers on two of its vessels as the Covid-19 pandemic has taken much of the company’s business.

The American Queen Steamboat Company said in a Kentucky WARN notice that it will permanently lay off approximately 250 workers for two of its vessels, American Queen and American Empress. The first layoffs are slated to start by or near Sept. 24, according to the WARN notice.

WARN is short for the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988, which requires this sort of notice.