A mask resolution remains useless BUT our city council is showing signs of a pulse.


Our 2023 municipal election season kicked off on Thursday night with a city council meeting, where the NA Confidential Leadership Axiom was tested in abstentia: Spare the Rod, Spoil the Councilman.

In short, everyone agreed to agree on a useless measure, while at least a few of those agreeing indicated that they’d agree to make it more substantive.

Okay, point taken.

It was mostly ridiculous theater, but points will be awarded for … for … well, I honestly don’t know, but a pandemic is important, and maybe they’ll yet get it right through the haze of partisan politics.

New Albany Mask Measure Stops Short Of Mandate, by John Boyle (WFPL)

Members of the New Albany City Council unanimously approved a resolution that “recommends and strongly encourages” the city’s citizens to wear face masks as coronavirus cases continue to increase across the country.

The resolution approved Thursday evening is not a mandate, meaning people are not required to wear masks. There are also no penalties for those who do not comply with the recommendation.