Typically toothless city council mask resolution proves that even a pandemic can’t compel New Albany’s Democrats to actually GOVERN.


Local Democrats have adhered to the Warren Nash Dictum for the past half-century. It goes like this: “Talk like a liberal, perform like a conservative.”

Vote slated on resolution requesting use of face coverings in public (Suddeath; N&T)

The assumption, which to my knowledge has yet to be proven wrong, is that any genuine left/liberal-minded person in New Albany will be content with mere words, not action, and still vote Democratic; meanwhile, the Strom Thurmond Democrats — still far too much of a thing here — will vote Democratic for many of the city offices while happily supporting Republicans higher up the ticket.

It’s just that simple.

Resolutions are always meaningless; to float one during a public health crisis, declare victory and walk away is, well, disgusting.

What’s worse, everyone involves knows it, and yet they gaze at the teleprompter, play their parts, mouth their lines without a trace of conviction, and look forward to the redevelopment commission meetings because the real business of decision-making is conducted by an appointed board.

All right, self-styled progressives. Now we can kick back and wait for Republicans at the state level to take the proper response to the pandemic; we might start trying locally, but our Democrats can’t be bothered to govern.

Sorry, love you guys in an ideological sense, but you’re prepared to continue rewarding local Democrats for doing nothing, even during a pandemic.

Why can’t you see this?