Our position on last weekend’s proms, COVID, and YOUR malignant narcissism.

Photo credit: Ethan Johnson.

By means of explanation, the Floyd County Health Department commented today.

Prom Event at The Grand

July 14 2020

“The Floyd County Health Department has been made aware of a dance event held on July 10, 2020 at The Grand in New Albany Indiana that was attended by approximately 200 juniors and seniors from New Albany High School. This event was not sanctioned by New Albany High School. The number of attendees are within limits set forth by Governor Holcomb. However, news photos clearly show the lack of social distancing and use of face masks by the participants.

“Due to the recent Increase in Covld-19 cases in Floyd County, the Floyd County Health Department recommends that everyone wear masks and practice social distancing. If you attended the event at The Grand and develop symptoms of Covld-19 please contact the Floyd County Health Department for testing at 812-948-4726.”

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I’m not shaming the kids. That would be a cop-out. They’re merely following the breathtakingly bad examples set by their elders.

COVID-19 is the most significant public health crisis in my lifetime, and what’s the response?

Parents who refuse to parent.

Elected officials who refuse to govern.

Purported adults who refuse to think.

As always, lots of talk about freedoms, but crickets chirp when the subject shifts to responsibility. I suppose it makes perfect sense if you’re an adherent to the notion of “survival of the fittest,” except we’re not the animal kingdom in a wilderness setting.

Human civilization itself is testament to our communal and collective capabilities. Stripping away these layers painstakingly built over centuries so that robber baron capitalists can make even more money is the ultimate expression of anti-social behavior, and yet this is what we’ve chosen to venerate: selfishness, greed, narcissism, materialism, ignorance.

But it isn’t your willingness to dismiss science and risk your own life (although the fact that you’re not making recreational jumps off tall buildings leads me to believe you still accept the laws of gravity) that bothers me, it’s the narcissism — your eagerness to drag the rest of us down with you.

As an atheist, I’m having a hard time understanding how Jesus justified this attitude; then again, the Bible was written long ago, prior to scientific knowledge as we know it now. Karma and an overview of how diseases are transmitted combine to restrain me from throwing my hands into the air and saying fine, harm yourself. That’s because in harming yourself in an epidemiological sense, you’re putting others at risk.

And because it’s all about YOU, we’re supposed to accept your gracious gift of willful ignorance with good humor?

Go ahead. Growl and scream; curse the libtards; reference FOX news or a meme written by a bot in one of the Stans; display your penis-enhancement firearms, rev your engines; and tell me again how it’s just the flu.

Thing is, COVID isn’t paying attention to any of your empty-headed theatrics. At long last we have a role model for perfect impartiality, without bias or partisan politics.

And it’s a virus.

I hope none of the kids become ill.

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