Today’s COVID must read: Marty Rosen on facemasks and collective responsibility.


Marty Rosen’s “Letter from the Editor” column appears on Wednesday at Food & Dining Magazine.

On Friday, Susan Reigler offers “Bourbon News & Notes,” and Ron Mikulak is back in the saddle, currently on Tuesday, with his weekly updates about restaurant coming and goings. I’m still hoping we’re able to engineer the return of Sara Havens and “The Bar Belle,” but that’s above my pay grade as digital editor. 

My “Hip Hops” beer column runs on Monday. It’s a weekly reminder to me that being on a team as formidable as this one is both an honor and a daily inducement to up my game. We’re a small family-run magazine, and I accept that we don’t have quite the range of other regional publications.

However, we definitely have the writing. Marty proves it, here.

Letter from the Editor: Face masks, yes. We have a collective responsibility to hold each other safe, by Marty Rosen (Food & Dining Magazine)

Of all the human emotions, none has garnered less attention from scientists, poets, artists, and songwriters than the one known as Disgust.

Certainly it’s a subject that never arises here at Food & Dining headquarters, where we while away our days sipping and nibbling on only the finest beverages and foods in our beautifully appointed stately pleasure dome.

And yet disgust, though it takes many forms, is fundamentally connected to food and dining. In its simplest, most literally visceral form, disgust manifests itself through symptoms like nausea and retching. We have all felt it when suddenly exposed to the odor of rotting garbage, for instance. And apparently it’s not a “learned” emotion …