Find the anchor in this mural. C’mon, you know it’s there.


Look carefully.

The propaganda arm of INDOT’s three-and-a-half-year-long bridge “renewal” project finds the city’s eight-whole-years-belated interest in public art to be cute! That’s mighty nice of the state, isn’t it?

Now INDOT will proceed to collectively kneecap any businesses downtown that somehow manage to make it past the pandemic’s first few waves still standing, by (in practical effect) closing the primary access bridge for a period LONGER than the pandemic’s likely reign.

Thanks, INDOT. May we have another punch to the skull? Of course, there’ll be plenty of time for fewer downtown visitors to gaze upon the artistic finery (which I personally like, by the way). 

Meanwhile, file the mural pictured here under “More Works by David Thrasher That Have Been Consigned to Oblivion” by the city.

Others include his literal painted forks in the road, as well as the sculpture of the same name, last year ingloriously displaced to the shadow of the parking garage because no one ’round here ever “got it” — just visitors who flocked to take selfies with it.

Dave, my man; ya gotta run with the right crowd. Be internationally known, dude.

Couldn’t you do one of these instead? It’d be a huge hit at the Roadhouse.