Idle curiosity about a “no” vote.


510 Main Street; referendum’s over and the sign’s still up. I thought to myself, hmm, I wonder which of the FIVE apartment dwellers in this 4,000-square foot house (built in 1929) voted no — but, maybe it’s the house’s owner, right?

That’d be POLO LLC, originating way out on Starlight Road. Is that still in Floyd County, or is it Clark County? Well, when I type the address into the Elevate site, I get zero hits. My assumption is Clark County.

Which means the human being listed as existing behind POLO LLC couldn’t vote “no” in the first place.

But there is no human, at least at first, because the registered agent for POLO LLC is another company, NRO LLC. Ah, but yes, there’s a human listed at NRO LLC. It’s all public information, but if I say her name aloud, I suppose there’ll be problems from the intemperate among us. By the way, there are seven POLO-owned rental properties in New Albany.

Election’s over, miss.

Shall you take down the sign, or do I grab it next time I’m in the neighborhood?