It’s one of the greatest weeks in New Albany’s twisted, scattershot history.


Yes, and I do mean greatest. Nine dreary and ever-decaying years later, at long last the Preston Arts facade is GONE.

I’m giddy.

From late last year, when Diana Hylton said all that needed to be said:

“There’s going to be signage for an actual business that’s going to be there, it’s not just going to be something that was once there that hasn’t been. It’s going to be current and fresh and exciting. We’re just excited — that’s all I can say.”

Power move: Him Gentleman’s Boutique and Mane Alley Color & Extension Bar to transform the moribund Preston Arts Building.

Hearty congratulations to the new occupants for their stellar restoration work. And now, all together, let’s turn to the band Sparks for inspiration.

Giddy giddy giddy
Our entire city
Each and every person the
Epitome of giddiness

We’re giddy giddy giddy
Our entire city
Everyone displaying an
Immense amount of giddiness