Floyd County DemoDisneyDixiecrats issue courageously mundane statement about racism, then return to fundraising.


Actually no, the party’s chairman said almost nothing of substance. Why would he, after so many years of relying on sheer nothingness?

It’s past time to look ourselves in the mirror and recognize we must be an active part of the solution. Every single one of us.

Strong stuff, Squire. Solid. Gibberish, but artful.

On the other hand, here’s a guy who actually has something to say about the topic. Maybe he can do it because he’s not depending on right-wing voters.

The intro follows. I advise you to click the link and read the essay in its entirety.

Racist Policies and Racist Systems
, by Perry Bacon Jr. (Bluegrass Beat)

I have received a lot of messages from friends/readers asking what I think about what’s happened in Minneapolis, Louisville and across the country over the last week. So here are my thoughts. I want to emphasize 1. I’m speaking simply for myself and not trying to represent the views of black men, black people or any other broader group. 2. I’m not an expert on racism or policing, as I will explain below.