Maurice Chevalier.


Just the other night D asked me if I remembered the circumstances of a certain wall hanging, and how I had given it to her early in our courtship.

Ah, yes — I remembered it well. Of course in truth I remembered almost nothing at all, which isn’t uncommon these days. Consequently I’m working hard to develop a French accent. The song came to me immediately, though.

There might be worse things than being reincarnated as Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972).

On Friday evening we watched the movie Gigi (1958), which in my view is carried by Chevalier’s performance. While “I Remember It Well” was familiar to me, this number wasn’t, but it’s a keeper.

Speaking of performances, imitations of Chevalier apparently were a staple of the Marx Brothers’ pre-cinematic vaudeville routine. This skit was resurrected for use as a promotional short around the time of Monkey Business (1931). 

What are YOU learning during this time of isolation at home?