ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Let Randy Smith help you unravel the CARES Act.


Longtime local independent business owner Randy Smith posted the following yesterday on his social media pages. He’s offering his time to help you determine how grassroots players like most of us can derive benefit from the newly enacted economic relief plan. Randy’s contact information is herein. I’ll be sharing this with friends via personal channels. You?

Do you have a small business in New Albany? Has COVID-19 hurt your ability to survive? Of course it has.

I’m one of you. I can help. No strings. No fees.

Thanks to Heather at my bank, I was able to learn how the CARES Act can help and I’m ready to help you apply for government assistance. You can borrow 10 weeks of payroll now and keep your staff employed. You can pay retention bonuses. And, if you handle it properly, you’ll never have to pay it back

I have the details and am ready to help. Call or text me at 812.944.5116 or email me at and I’ll share what I’ve learned.

Your bank is likely to be an SBA Preferred or Certified lender and they’ll be ready to lend as early as next week. But you need to be ready. You can use the loan proceeds for rent, utilities, and even for accounts payable. And you may never need to pay it back.

I’ve been a small business owner in New Albany for 16 years – Destinations Booksellers, Dueling Grounds Café, Flood Crest Press – and for decades before that across the U.S. In this crisis, I can help you survive.

Banks will lend now without collateral, credit checks, or personal guarantees. The SBA will guarantee your loan.

Let me know if I can help you apply for these unprecedented loans. We’re all in this together and we can keep our businesses alive.

Please share this as you see fit. Best wishes to all of you.