Indiana is following suit as Kentucky temporarily allows alcoholic beverage carryout and delivery by licensed restaurants.


Governor Beshear temporarily loosens restrictions on alcoholic beverage carryout and delivery by licensed restaurants (Food & Dining Magazine)

Indiana’s measures broke just before 9:00 p.m. on Thursday evening. The Alcohol & Tobacco Commission will be allowing restaurants already licensed to sell adult beverages inside their buildings to temporarily expand their permits to carryout sales.

In short, take home a few beers with your food. The relaxation does not apply to draft beer, which remains the domain of small breweries.

In some instances, it appears this may extend to deliveries, too; it’s a little-known fact that several types of ATC permit always have allowed deliveries, even if few establishments take advantage of it.

The ATC will be requiring establishments to apply for a supplemental carryout addendum, and the “devilish” details are as yet not forthcoming. Then again it’s been only 12 hours. There’ll undoubtedly be hitches and glitches, but I can say with certainty that quality people are “on it,” and I’ll try to thank them all profusely in due time.

Maybe … to repeat MAYBE … some restaurants will have permission by the end of the business day today (Friday). If not, next week seems probable.

ON THE AVENUES: If it’s a war, then the food service biz needs to be issued a few weapons. We need improvisation and flexibility to survive the shutdown.