LIVE TO EAT: These downtown New Albany restaurants are offering carry-out and curbside meals.


New Albany Social took some time off during the past year, but Kelly Ott Winslow posted this list on Monday evening, and it has been shared 1,596 times as of 10:10 a.m. on Tuesday.

That’s simply fantastic.

Please remember that although the restaurants listed have always prepared food to go, our new abnormal means that virtually all of them are reinventing themselves on the fly without much of a road map.

As an example, I know for a fact that city officials are working on plans to help define the word “curbside” (reserved parking spaces) to assist in the effort of restaurants being social with take-away food albeit with minimal human contact, but in this and other considerations it will take some time to work out the kinks.

Over at Food & Dining Magazine we’ll be trying to push as much information as we can given the circumstances. All that can be said with any accuracy is that local restaurants and bars will be doing what they can to survive for the foreseeable future, and your patronage is crucial.

For bars with little or no food service, the COVID-19 “curve flattening” measures are tantamount to Our New Prohibition. I’ll try to report about them, too.

Stay tuned.