BEER WITH A SOCIALIST: An “away” game at IU Southeast (my beer chat for the Institute for Local and Oral History).


It is highly flattering for the newspaper at one’s alma mater — a Latin phrase literally translated as “nourishing mother” — to send a reporter when he offers a lunchtime beer chat … without beer.

Thanks to Logan Stephens of the IUS Horizon for his coverage, and also to Dr. Elizabeth Gritter for the invitation. I was rusty, but covered the main areas and got them to hit the ball on the ground. With just a bit of polishing, the starting rotation beckons.

Beer expert Roger Baylor speaks about the history of beer in New Albany during IUS visit

Roger Baylor and his knowledge of beer were on full display during his visit to IU Southeast on Thursday, Feb. 27. Baylor discussed the history of beer in New Albany and the surrounding Kentuckiana area during the event.

Baylor has been in the beer business for decades. He recently departed from New Albanian Brewing Company after 25 years. He said he likes to refer to himself as “The Beer Guy” due to his vast knowledge and experience in the beer industry.

The event, presented by The Institute for Local and Oral History, was free for all IUS students, staff and faculty. It allowed them to learn about the history of beer in the area as well as how prohibition affected the local breweries …